Welcome to the Dynamic World of Print Solutions.

Welcome to the Dynamic World
of Print Solutions.

Offering a wide range of printing services. BRIDGE® aims to be your one stop shop for all printing needs. Contact our sales team executives with any printing job and we’ll handle the heavy lifting for you!


Few industries have experienced the accelerated rate of technological change like the print service industry. We are excited to be part of the changing world of print and the new opportunities technology is presenting to communicate in print. Each of us has something we feel is important for others to know and the print media has long been part of the delivery system to share vital information.

By staying in step with the new opportunities available in print communication and having mastered many forms of print we are equipped to serve the requirements of our clients. Print continues to be an important component of effective communication and new opportunities are exciting and cost effective to deliver vital business and marketing information. From a simple business form to a mobile phone readable QR Code, we can help you deliver information to your important existing and future clients.

We specialize in three important areas of print communication to help our customers share information and deliver important knowledge about the features and benefits of the products and services they deliver to their clients and prospects. With Business, Commercial and Promotional Printing, BRIDGE® is “Connecting YOU with your CUSTOMERS”.





Simply stated, “We Print It and You process It”. The world of business printing is the documents used to run your business. These are the documents that we print and you add information to them to communicate with your clients and prospects. Designing and supplying business forms and documents is where we started over 40 years ago.
BRIDGE® has always taken a systems approach to our designs and products. That means asking questions and listening to what our clients’ needs are to graphically communicate important information. It could be an invoice that tells someone how much money they owe you, or a check that pays an important vendor partner. It could be letterheads, envelopes and labels to be “completed” with your message. Business Printing is about clearly communicating with your public, maintaining your brand and having documents that help you run your business efficiently. We are here to listen and help you best communicate your message.

If your company is need of online commercial printing services, look no further than BRIDGE® Printing & Promotional Products Inc. There is nothing more important to the presentation of your company than the print that displays it. Read below why choosing us for your commercial print needs will help tell the story of your brand.

When it comes to promoting your business BRIDGE® can be your complete resource for making a statement and communicating “Your Story” to clients and prospects. Commercial high-quality lithographic printing has long been the print media to provide marketing material to sell your products and services. Conventional or “catchy” or whatever your style in between, we can be your marketing partner by creating dazzling communication pieces that will get your message across in the best way. We offer a broad range of integrated products and services that can help you achieve your print communication goals. We have diverse manufacturing and design components to deliver great results regardless of print quantity or style. BRIDGE® is here to listen and help you best communicate your message.

Digital printing represents the fastest growing and most exciting opportunities in the graphical arts print communication arena. Digital printing has put high quality 4 color communication into the hands of small businesses. Small quantities of brochures, flyers, sell sheets and business cards can be produced without the expense of multiple printing plates. With the rapidly improving quality of digital printers it is often difficult to see the difference with the naked eye between lithographic printing and digital printing, and, it will only get better. Digital printing is often; Cheaper Faster Greener More Customizable with ever increasing Professional Quality.
Signs and banners have long been part of the graphical arts communication “toolbox”. Whether you need to highlight a special event or product, high impact banners are a cost-effective way to communicate. A digitally printed large-format vinyl banner will get the attention you need at trade shows, special events, and celebrations. For indoor use or a sign or banner that needs to stand up to the outdoor elements, high-quality inexpensive banners will grab the attention you need for any occasion and leave a lasting memorable impression.



With over 40 years of printing expertise, you can rest assured any print job will come out exactly how you ordered.