Bitter Cold Can Spell Problems with Printed Products

Bitter cold is hitting most of the USA this first week in January 2015. That means the furnaces in our clients’ offices will be running almost non-stop. This causes a rapid and extreme drop in the humidity levels in many offices and can create significant static and paper curl issues in running paper, labels and form label/card combinations through desktop and network laser printers. 

We would like to remind our clients to acclimate all forms and laser print materials for 24 hours in the printer room environment before printing. This is especially important if the product is being stored in a cold storage area or is just coming off of a freezing delivery truck. 

If you are experiencing static issues or paper curl, you can do a quick humidity check. Humidity levels below 30% can create static issues. Proper acclimation time plus an inexpensive vaporizer/humidifier near the printer will help solve the humidity issue. 

Richard Stienstra

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