Tradition - Thanksgiving Day

Tevye the main character in "Fiddler on The Roof" explains the role that tradition plays in the life of the village of Anatevka in the opening number of the musical. His view is that "traditions" are those events and roles people play, which weaves strength into community.  I agree. One of those traditions in my family was Thanksgiving Day.

It was a time that we as a family came together and celebrated how God had cared for us, in good times and bad.  It was a time that we focused on being thankful to each other and those in our lives that played a significant part in the quality and stability in our lives.

It was a time of recognizing that whatever success we had was the result of many participants in our lives, not just our own efforts.  It was a time of "share the credit", and give thanks to those who played important roles and contributed to our circumstances. It was a time of putting "self" in the back seat and realizing how much "others" had to do with our individual and collective good that we were privileged to enjoy.

It was a time we celebrated the freedoms we enjoy as citizens of the United States of America and the importance of the strength of our local community.

Within this context we at BRIDGE® would like to extend our thanks to those have contributed to our success this past year. Our sincere "thank you" goes out to our clients, vendor partners and fellow employees in strengthening the community of BRIDGE® this past year.

Thanksgiving is a Tradition Worth Celebrating!

Rich Stienstra, President

BRIDGE® Printing & Promotional Products, Inc.

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