Working on Today’s Tasks and Tomorrow’s Opportunities

This has been a lifelong mantra for me, but it took some time to figure out how do I make it happen. The answer came when I started to make the quality of my work a priority. That meant improving my communication skills and the quality of my order writing and proposals.
When those improvements came I noticed that I was spending less time “visiting yesterday”. When my orders became clear it resulted in fewer questions by factories asking me to explain the details of my orders. When such explanations had to be made it took away time from working on today’s work and tomorrow’s opportunities, I was “visiting yesterday”. 
Often in sales we want to push forward and deal with the details as we must. The problem is that too often with that quality of work, or lack of, we find ourselves having to dealing with questions from the past when we are really interested in today and what opportunities may come tomorrow. When we concentrate on our communications skills, whether it be a sales order or proposal, we become better customers and providers. Our clients appreciate the clarity and our vendors want to do business with us. And that leads to more orders for today and opportunities for tomorrow.
Richard Stienstra
BRIDGE® Printing & Promotional Products, Inc.

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