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We are all looking for "Waldo" in Business

The “Where is Waldo” books hit the scene in 1987. Author Martin Hanford had an immediate success on his hands. I remember reading them with my son Derek, who is now the Director of Business Development for BRIDGE.  We had great fun.

Bitter Cold Can Spell Problems with Printed Products

Bitter cold is hitting most of the USA this first week in January 2015. That means the furnaces in our clients’ offices will be running almost non-stop. This causes a rapid and extreme drop in the humidity levels in many offices and can create significant static and paper curl issues in running paper, labels and form label/card combinations through desktop and network laser printers. 

Tradition - Thanksgiving Day

Tevye the main character in "Fiddler on The Roof" explains the role that tradition plays in the life of the village of Anatevka in the opening number of the musical. His view is that "traditions" are those events and roles people play, which weaves strength into community.  I agree. One of those traditions in my family was Thanksgiving Day.

Veterans Day Rememberence

Some of Our Clients

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